As I grow older I feel more and more trapped, trapped by society, technology, the media, the economy, and trapped by the whims of politicians whom I do not even know or did not even vote for.

I suppose it all came to a head in early March 2018 when the "Beast from the East" deposited a fine layer of snow over my drive and house. I was able to walk, but not drive, to the local shops. However, when I got there they had no milk and no bread. In fact the shelves were bare. I know in reality this was only a minor annoyance, but I started to think what it might be like if something more serious had happened, a prolonged spell of cold weather, a war, a pandemic or an economic collapse! What if we had no gas, no electricity, no transportation , no Health Service, would I survive?

I realised I had become totally reliant on the normal day to day functioning of modern society, particularly living here in the UK, to the extent that I was now entrapped. My conclusion was that I should try to do as much I could to gain at least a limited amount of freedom from this entrapment. As a matter of urgency I needed to do two things, firstly, fully understand the factors that could seriously impact on my way of life (THE RISKS), and secondly, develop some strategies to at least mitigate these risks (PROTECT-STRATEGIES).

Update 2020

As the years pass it just seems to get worse!

We are now in the midst of a global pandemic (COVID-19). Supposedly originating naturally via bats sold in a local food market in Wuhan China in 2019 (incidently Wuhan is also the site of China's principal bio-weapons laboratory) this pandemic spread world-wide through 2020 and by 1 April 2021, had caused over 2.8 million deaths globally ( ).

Although the UK has been one of the worst effected countries world-wide, with over 4.3 million cases and 127,000 deaths, generally it has had little effect on day to day living. This said, there was considerable disruption to supples in its early stages (e.g., the supply of toilet paper due to panic buying) and it has had, and is still having a significantl effect on individuals economically both locally, and across the UK as a whole. Notably, there has also been severe curtailment of our civil liberties due to long periods of enforced "lockdown".

This pandemic is discussed in more detail under RISKS later in this website.